Challenging Public Bodies

In 2012 I instigated what turned out to be a monumental and tireless campaign against two local authority Children's Services departments, each found to be negligent in their respective duty of care towards a vulnerable young person who I cared for.


My motivation for initiating the complaints against the local authorities was based on my passion for fighting injustice and holding organisations to account. 

Severe and profound injustice had taken place; someone I cared for deeply had been wronged, vulnerable people were being left without remedy and there was seemingly no accountability whatsoever. I had a social responsibility to expose these systems and to effect change within them, but more importantly, I had a personal responsibility to fight for the person I cared for; they had rights and those rights were non-negotiable.

What I discovered were systemic failures within an infrastructure that was rotten to the core. Individual practitioners, senior managers, councillors, chief executives, schools, and social services were all complicit in a system and culture that was broken and they seemed to have been presented with very little challenge, until now...

The outcomes so far have included:

  • Robust investigations;

  • Upheld / substantiated complaints;

  • Changes within management structures;

  • Changes in policy guidance;

  • Two stage 3 independent panel hearings;

  • Investigation by the Local Government Ombudsman (LGO);

  • Compensation;

  • Systemic changes within culture & practice

Personally, this experience was life-changing. It gave me the confidence and knowledge to pursue a career based on my values. 

As a single parent on benefits, the small amount of compensation I received was used to pay for the first part of a law degree, providing me with the foundations to pursue social justice work for life.


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