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Develop your skills and knowledge in welfare rights, benefits, and social justice through informative and engaging training

Attend training sessions and workshops on welfare reforms; Universal Credit; disability benefits; work-capability assessments; benefit applications; navigating problem areas; challenging decisions, including how to appeal.

Training programmes are for organisations who's frontline staff require the knowledge and tools to assist clients in all areas of legacy benefits and Universal Credit.

Sessions are provided in-house (I come to you) and equip staff with the confidence to understand complex and problematic areas of the benefits system, and how to challenge

appeals and sanctions; plus practical skills for completing work-capability questionnaires and benefits application forms.


Training On All Aspects  Of Legacy Benefits & Universal Credit



Introduction to Welfare Rights

Course Duration: 1/2 day

This useful 'whistle-stop tour of benefits' half day training course, is a brief yet comprehensive introduction to the benefits system, aimed at non-benefit specialists working with people for whom benefits and tax credits are an issue. 

Participants will gain a basic understanding of the benefits system and the structure of means and non-means tested benefits, and how to spot issues that may arise for claimants.

The course is aimed at front-line staff with no experience of benefits issues.

The course provides links to specialist advice agencies and enables participants to understand when and where to signpost for further advice.

Understanding Benefits

Course Duration: 1 day

This engaging one day course provides a comprehensive understanding of the benefits system, looking at the intricacies of means and non-means tested benefits, which benefits are available to different clients depending on their circumstances, and the processes and problems that can arise for claimants when navigating the benefits system.

This is aimed at non-benefit / entry level advisers working with people for whom benefits and tax credits are an issue.

This course can be provided as an extension to the half day Intro to Welfare Rights course or tailored specifically for entry-level advisers.

Participants will gain a detailed understanding of the benefits system and the infrastructure of the Social Security System, and be able to identify problem areas that require a referral for specialised advice. 

Tackling Benefits Issues

Course Duration: 1 day / 2 days

This broad topic covers a range of every day benefits issues that arise for claimants. It is aimed at front-line staff with a good working knowledge of benefits, and can be tailored to the needs of your workforce to cover any of the following:

  • Basic benefit checks

  • How to claim

  • Effective form filling

  • How to challenge an adverse decision 

  • How to advise on contraindications of benefits (e.g. contributory benefits or premiums)

  • How to support a claimant through the appeals process

  • How to challenge sanctions

  • How to deal with Universal Credit issues

  • How to ensure suitability of a claimant commitment 

  • Where to seek advice regarding public law remedies

  • Signposting and who to contact

  • How to identify which services can help in a crisis

Participants will have a basic - intermediate level of prior knowledge. It can be extended from the 1 day course.

Participants will develop their knowledge of problem areas and how to tackle issues that arise. They will develop their confidence in responding to difficult situations and will gain helpful guidance for how to respond in a crisis.


These are 1 day courses aimed at advisers with a good working knowledge of benefits and welfare rights issues, and who require knowledge within a specific area, or require a refresher.

PIP: All You Need To Know

This course focuses on everything you need to know about a PIP claim, from the initial claim date through to appeal, and discusses relevant case law, plus useful guidance for pursuing a challenge.

PIP: Challenging ​Decisions

This course provides a practical and interactive approach to challenging PIP decisions, and discusses how to submit an effective Mandatory Reconsideration, progressing to applying relevant case law within an appeal.

Universal Credit: Understanding The Issues

This course focusses on the common issues that arise within a UC claim, from tackling the problem areas such as managing the online journal, to ensuring suitability of claimant commitments, to challenging sanctions.


The benefits covered in the courses include all current disability benefits e.g. Personal Independence Payment (PIP); Disability Living Allowance (DLA); and Attendance Allowance (AA). Means-tested benefits e.g. Universal Credit (UC); Income-related Employment Support Allowance (ESA); Income-based Jobseekers Allowance (JSA); Income Support (IS); Housing Benefit (HB); Council Tax Reduction / Support (CTR/S). Contributory benefits e.g New Style ESA; Contribution-based ESA; Contribution-based JSA. (List not exhaustive). 

All training courses can be tailored to the needs and expertise of your workforce and all topics can be considered.


​Training is for local authorities; charities; the voluntary sector; non-profit organisations; and organisations who's workforce requires benefits knowledge to effectively fulfil their role. Participants have varying levels of expertise and prior knowledge; some work directly in the field whilst others support with issues that may arise, e.g. social workers, family support workers, housing support workers.


Courses can accommodate 25 participants.

Please get in touch to discuss course fees and suitability. I provide a discounted rate for non-profit / charitable agencies. 


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