Debate Facilitation, Public Speaking, Campaigning

Healthy, robust and constructive debates

covering welfare reforms; the history of the Social Security system in Britain; the evolution of the state 'safety net' and the recent seismic changes; and the current political climate.

Your views can contribute to policy change within the national political parties, thereby influencing future reforms for the next generation. 

Dynamic and inspirational public speaking

on the impact of austerity on the sick and disabled; the dismantling of the welfare state; recommendations for political policy change; and how to manage the issues of privatisation within public transport. 

I am currently providing sessions to encourage dialogue about why the Labour Party lost the 2019 General Election and the lessons we can learn.

Engaging and influential campaigning

on all aspects of social justice, anti-poverty, and social responsibility, using social media as a platform for change. 

I share my wealth of knowledge and experience gained from campaigning for better public transport in the North; for youth provision in the Calder Valley; for the Government to tackle the climate crisis; for the rights of vulnerable young people within the local authority system; and for the Labour Party in local and national elections.

I provide consultancy on effective campaigning, and leadership in tackling social injustices.

Freelance Trainer

Develop your knowledge

Informative and engaging training

on all areas of welfare benefits; welfare reforms; the social security system; and how to navigate problem areas of benefits within day to day situations for vulnerable claimants.

Training programmes are for organisations who's frontline staff require the knowledge and tools to assist clients in all areas of legacy benefits and Universal Credit.

Sessions are provided in-house (I come to you) and equip practitioners with the confidence to understand Universal Credit problem areas; how to challenge

appeals and sanctions; how to holistically tackle multiple benefits issues; and guidance for best practice for DWP work-capability questionnaires and application forms.


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